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Jobs at FUV

Sports Director, WFUV
Rose Hill Campus, Fordham University

WFUV's Sports Director is responsible for maintaining and improving all aspects of the on-air and off-air presence of WFUV's sports department. Responsible for student recruitment, training and daily supervision of staff. The focus of this position is centered around student training and development. Reports to WFUV's News Director. Works closely with General Manager and Program Director.

• The sports director will oversee all aspects of the on-air and off-air presence of WFUV's sports department, including producing New York's longest running sports talk show, One on One.
• The director is responsible for student recruitment, training and daily supervision of staff.
• The director will also interface with Fordham University Athletics and Sports Information offices to accomplish programming goals, as well as collaborate with the university's Department of Communication and Media Studies as appropriate to develop student engagement and professional training in sports journalism.
• Maintain and improve all aspects of the station's sports programming, both on and off air.
• Develop the next generation of sports media professionals.


• Bachelor's degree or higher required.
• Five or more years of career experience.
• The successful candidate must have a robust professional network in sports broadcasting, producing and media relations. A strong ability to relate to, teach and mentor college students is essential to the position. College teaching experience is a plus, but not required. Must possess excellent administrative skills.

Time Commitment:

• The Sports Director position requires a significant time commitment. The Director must be available on Saturdays, and during a variety of hours in the week, including early mornings and some nights. Availability to students is a critical part of the responsibilities.
SALARY: Commensurate with experience
STARTING DATE: July 1, 2017
DEADLINE: March 3, 2017
Candidates must provide the following to
• A letter of interest detailing your experience, successes and connections in the field, as well as your management and teaching styles.
• C.V.
• Three professional references
• Three audio and/or video examples of your work (as applicable)

Full Job Description:

  • Supervise and train Fordham students in all aspects of producing the program, One on One. Includes procurement of guests, technical skills and show content and sound.
  • Recruit, train and supervise Fordham students in broadcast of selected Fordham sports games, particularly, but not limited to basketball and football.
  • Oversee student Sports Manager and Assistant Sports Manager.
  • Oversee broadcast and beat reporter scheduling.
  • Oversee all website assignments, ensuring all material gets posted in a timely fashion.
  • Design and implement weekly training workshops in all aspects of sports broadcasting including radio, video, internet and social media.
  • Responsible for sports department website and social media.
  • Attend and oversee One on One road shows and special broadcasts.
  • Interface with university Athletics and Sports Information offices to accomplish programming goals; including travel arrangements to sporting events and college games, promotion of programming and budget issues.
  • Interface with outside sports venues; including acquisition of press passes.
  • Works and collaborates with Fordham University's Department of Communication and Media Studies as appropriate to develop student engagement and professional training in sports journalism.
  • Promote WFUV's philosophy and interests through sports department-related matters.
  • Work with News Director to design sports policy and programming.
  • Control access to and maintenance of all equipment used in broadcasting, especially for remote broadcast events and beat reporting.
  • Oversee scheduling of training sessions.
  • May step in to host sportscasts on rare occasions.
  • Monitor and approve time sheets.
  • Initiate and maintain relationships with station sports alumni.
  • Oversee scheduling of professional workshops with various industry representatives, including station alumni, in all area of the sports broadcasting business (present & future).
  • Potentially participate in adjunct teaching in Fordham University's Department of Communication and Media Studies program in Sports Journalism.
  • Works with News Director to establish special training events and opportunities, including bi-annual journalism conference.
  • Cultivate job contacts for graduating students.
  • Develop and maintain connections with all WFUV departments.
  • Attend staff meetings as scheduled.
  • Help maintain WFUV standards and uphold FCC and station regulations.
  • Provide active support for fundraisers.
  • Provide active support for WFUV public events.
  • Other responsibilities as needed.
  • Demonstrated ability to produce multimedia sports programming.
  • Excellent writing, reporting and production skills. Keeps up with the latest technology and training knowledge
  • Strong interest in and knowledge of sports.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Ability to work under deadline.
  • Ability to engage students.
  • Good personal communications skills.
  • Ability to accept supervision.
  • Ability to work with professional and student staff.
  • Ability to accept direction and supervision, and respond to feedback.
  • Job knowledge: Understands and can apply procedures, policies and standards. Keeps abreast of current developments in the field.
  • Initiative: Seeks out new ideas and approaches and/or additional responsibilities.
  • Communication skills (written and oral): Expresses self in a clear, concise and persuasive manner. Listens attentively. Is an excellent collaborator with all departments. Practices good communication and internal customer service.
  • Leadership: Demonstrates effectiveness in guiding subordinates toward the accomplishment of specific goals within appropriate time frames. Ability to engage students.
  • Dependability: Ability to work under deadline. Completes assignments in a timely fashion with minimal supervision. Responds to calls, email and other requests for information in a timely fashion.
  • Work organization: Good work habits. Plans ahead, sets priorities, and schedules work assignments effectively.
  • Decision making: Responds with appropriate and sound conclusions after evaluating possible courses of action. Identifies problems, obtains relevant information, and identifies possible causes and solutions.
Fordham University is committed to excellence through diversity and welcomes candidates of all backgrounds. Fordham is an Equal Opportunity Employer.